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The resume looks great. Thanks so much for everything.
Saul B., Senior Operations Manager

Thank you, thank you, thank you! These new documents are an answer to my prayers. They are written beautifully and with great professional styling and formatting. Please let me know where I can leave feedback regarding your services.
Shawntae H., Customer Service / Inside Sales Rep

First off thank you, thank you, thank you...Words can't explain how shocked and amazed I was to see the difference of the resume submitted vera's the phenomenal resume we received. The attention to detail you put into this resume was outright shocking (that's great) :) She's had 3 different re-training counselors look over her original resume and they all allowed a horrifying rendition go out that was shameful and embarrassing to say the least. I'm so happy I found this service as I've have been out of the work force for awhile (retired). So I lack the current knowledge, more less the writing skills needed to write/structure/format a current professional resume. Again I can't express how excited we are, reading the work you did in such a short time frame is astonishing. To be truthful upon receiving and reading it, I had to re-read it to make sure it was hers and compare the qualifications and alike lol... I must have read it a dozen times and each time each it made me proud of her accomplishments and skills because it's written that well. This resume will truly open some doors and leave many lasting impressions that wouldn't have been possible without you guys. Our confidence in you will payoff many times over. Thank you very much
Beth / Gary C., Phlebotomist

Wow! Blown away! I am overly satisfied with my new resume and letters. I cannot wait to use them!
Joshua T., Corporate Trainer

Thank you for providing me with a fresh, revitalized resume, cover letter and thank you letter. Your services have exceeded my expectations, and I am very happy with the result. I will not hesitate to use your services in the future. I also greatly appreciate the excellent communication that has been provided to me throughout this process. It has helped me understand the strategy behind redoing my resume in this format. I look forward to securing interviews very soon. Thank you again! Sincerely,
Natalie Y., Health Benefits Administrator

Hi, Your team did an impressive job with my resume. Thank You. Word of mouth is the best advertising...I WILL definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues.
Keith C., District Sales Manager

Thank you! The transformation is positively incredible! Sincerely,
Jack F., Director of Information Technology

Thank you for the resume. I like it! Again, thank you for your service.
Cara J., Event Planner / Manager

Everything looks great! I am thrilled with what I see and am very thankful for your service. Thank You!
Ann L., Social Worker/Case Manager

Thank you so much. The end result is so much more than I expected. The money has been well spent. Now, here's to the next phase of my life of re-entering the workforce! Many Thanks,
Sueann K., Office Assistant/Clerical

I love it!! You have been awesome! Thank you again!!!
Kimberly C., Sales Rep / Account Manager

Outstanding quality and service. This is a very professional resume. Everything is outstanding and wonderful and I look forward to the final along with cover and thank you letters. Thanks so much and I will tell others about this outstanding company!!!
Bill T., PC Technician

All I can say is WOW, I now have the confidence to compete with anyone for any job at any company! When people say if you need something done right, do it yourself, they don't realize professionals, like yourself, can save you time and give you the confidence to compete in this job market. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I have family and friends who wonder why I paid for my resume to be revised; they don't realize higher education doesn't make you an expert in everything. Everything looks flawless! Thanks again, now time to get a new suit!
Freda V., Public Affairs Officer

I think that ResumeStrong did an excellent job rewriting my resume. I too believe that I can now get interviewed for positions because you incorporated the keywords and phrases that employers are expecting. I am very pleased with your work and will not apply for another job until after I receive the finished document from you guys. I now think that the other jobs that I applied for are toast after viewing what employers really want.
Jennifer N., Financial Analyst

Hello, Thank you so much for the attention given to my resume. You have saved me countless hours and aggravation I would have face trying to do this myself and still not do it as professionally as you did. I am very pleased with the way it was prepared. I want to thank your company for doing this promptly as promised and looking forward to sending this out early this week.
Timothy T., Manufacturing Manager

I have reviewed the resume and I love the format. I feel as if my other one was written by a child now.
Dina S., Staff Accountant

Wow, I'm impressed. It looks great. Reads well. And very accurate. Thank you.
Sara G., Shipping/Receiving Clerk

Excellent work on the resume, I'm very impressed. I've reviewed it several times and at the moment there aren't any changes I'd like to make. Go ahead and finalized this draft of it. For now, I'd like to keep both titles on the resume for my current position. I can modify it later if need be. My thanks to you and your partners for doing such a great job! Your service was quick and very professional!
Charise H., Project / Program Manager

This is great, thank you so much! You do such a WONDERFUL job!! I am so glad I came to you to do this! I highly recommend you to everyone I can when I know someone is needing a resume done. Now, I don’t know how many have followed Thru but I know I’ve told at least 25 people. And they have seen your work via looking at mine. You are very skilled and just make me stand out from the crowd.
Keith B., Inside Sales Rep

I got it. Thank you so very much. Great job! Can't wait to apply for a new job using my new job using my new professionally written resume, cover and thank you letter. I would recommend your company to anyone I know needing a resume. Thank you again.
Sherrie C., Registered Nurse

Thank you so much for the expertly detailed Resume and Cover Letter, you do fantastic work and I look forward to great results going forward with this in hand. Again, Thank you so much.
Steven T., Construction Manager - Oil & Gas

Thank You! Looks amazing. Great job. I really appreciate your service and will highly recommend you to everyone I know searching for work. Sincerely,
Lisa R., Certified Medical Assistant

I really love the service your company provides. I have never gotten such a quick turn around like this with anything before. You have done a great job, I will be sure to refer your company to my friends. Thank You.
Nadia D., Marketing Associate

This is wonderful! Thank you so much. This new resume really expresses what I have done so well. I am confident now in applying for the higher level jobs that I am more than capable of performing. I should have done this years ago. Thanks again!
Sara T., Project Manager/Coordinator

Hi, Wow, very well written resume package and very impressive in delivery time too. Appreciate the advice. I had not thought of some of what you mentioned. I have no complaints with your work. My wife will be in touch soon. Help her out. Thanks
Bieu V., Senior Electrical Engineer

You did an incredibl job on my new resume. I can't expresss to you how much I appreceiate your service and the product you produce. I never dreamed that I could have a resume with this quality. There is no doubt that this will work well to generated interviews. Your service is efficient and affordable. I read compliants about other resumes services on yelp and other review sites so I wasn't exactly trusting with this but you came through beautifully. So apreciative.
Mallory V., Paralegal

Hello, Wow, I am amazed at the quality. You hit the nail on the head, even though I was argumentative LOL.
Judy C., Property Manager

Good Afternoon Dana, Thank you for the resume and cover letter - they look good and I'm excited to pursue opportunities with these professional documents.
Christina S., Telephonic Nurse

First off let me say thank you for putting together my resume a few months ago. I have had numerous opportunities and I have received a lot of praise over my resume and how well it is put together. After months of negotiating with a few other people I have accepted and offer with ... as a ... I have the Job description printed off line. What I would like to do is update my resume with the new job. Thank you so much,
Cody M., Technical Advisor

Thanks so much it looks wonderful - appreciate your efforts.
Darin R., PC Tech

Thank you for your fast turnaround and your professionalism.
Jeff W., Business Systems Analyst

Thanks it looks great and I really appreciate the fast, honest service....I was a little scared about using a service like this over the internet but I will absolutely recommend all my out of work friends!!!!
Alise D., Social Services Worker

Looking great! Good job! Thank you for your help.
Irene K., Administration / Management

Wasn't sure what to expect for the price but am completely blown away. My sincerest thanks. What an amazing value. Look for my wife's resume soon. She's gathering up some information.
Derek B., Operations Manager

The resume looks AMAZING!! It is everything I wanted to say, but didn't know how to say it! Thank you so much for all your work and your clarification and guidance!
Robyn C., Office Manager

Thank you so much, they all look great. I’m looking forward to putting these to good use immediately! Thank everyone that helped. Thanks again!
Jim B., Procurement Manager

Thank you all for your great service and fast turnaround. I already have two colleagues who are interested in using your service. Again, thanks.
Jim C., Loss Mitigation Specialist

Thank You. It's perfect. Send me the final copy now and cover letter. Give my regards to the ResumeStrong teams. Feel free to post my review. I'll go to yelp too.
Michelle O., Store / General Manager

I am tremendously impressed by this. I have no changes. I wish I would have found your service a long time ago. I would have a new job by now.
Dontrell W., Higher Ed Admissions Counselor

Great job. Thank you for giving it a professional look.
Robert T., Sales Manager

Thank you very much for my revised resume Resume Strong team. It looks absolutely amazing. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. Can you please include it in my resume. The only complaint is that I didn't find you guys sooner! Overall, this is GREAT. Sincerely,
Will T., Finance Manager

You guys did an amazing job on my resume last year and helped me get my dream job in Washington state. I know sometimes you need to meet with customers to gather information but I would love to have my husbands resume done if it could be a phone conversation? I don't trust anyone out here and you guys did such a great job. Thank you!!
Kelly S., Social Worker

Thank you so much. I think it looks great. I am starting to use it now. Thanks.
Raja J., Tax Accountant

I am very impressed by your immediate correspondence and timely updates. I was hesitant about spending the money to have my resume redone, but you have already made me feel very confident in my decision. I look forward to receiving the finished product. I will try to do my best to edit my resume per your instructions, but am reassured by your website's promise of a free review that I can run any edits by you in the future. Thank you for being so awesome at what you do. If I could tip you after the receipt of my resume, chances are I would! Sincerely impressed, Later: WOW, it is outstanding.
Bob G., Property Manager

Thank you very much. I think it looks great. I don't think that we need to revise anything on this, we should leave it the way it is. Have a wonderful day. Respectfully,
Gail. W., Customer Service Manager

It looks great. I'm very pleased. It's a huge difference from what I submitted. Thank you.
Annette T., Office Manager

This turned out better than I ever could have done, Thank you.
Dick R., Machine Shop Manager

This is PERFECT!!!! Love it!!!!! I am so happy. My friend saw it and says she will be contacting you when she gets her money together. She was very impressed as am I. You rock!!!! Thanks again.
Jerry F., CAD / Drafter

Thank You. This looks awesome. I could not have produced anything like this. Glad I found you guys.
George E., Safety Manager

Thank you for the quick response. The resume looks great and portrays exactly what I wanted to express. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family.
Kelly H., Environmental / Laundry Manager

Thank you. The newly revised resume looks great!
Art K., Sr. Financial Analyst

Thank you so much it looks great!!!!
Susan U., Accountant

Thanks..looks great!
Gerald M., Channel Sales Representative

Hello, Thank you for your great work on this. The resume looks great! The cover and thank you letters are perfect. Many thanks for your work on this!
Hal F., Operations Manager

I have reviewed my resume and I like it. Thank you for the quick turnaround and will let you know if I need anything else. Sincerely,
John. N., QC Technician

Hello, I am absolutely impressed with the magic you worked with my resume! It's fantastic! Once again everything looks wonderful and I can't wait to start circulating the new me.
Jenny B., Medical Office Manager

Just want to let you all know that I am so thankful for you guys. My resume is "Amazing" and I feel so blessed to have found your service online. I would recommend your service to all my family and friends, etc. I love the format and wording and everything else too. Now I know that I will not have any problem landing an awesome job. Keep up the excellent work that you all do!!! Thanks!
Stephen W., Business Analyst looks great! I am so thankful for your resume writing service. Sincerely,
Tomas T., IR Manager

Hey, I am so excited that "" has referred me to you guys. This resume is wonderful. Thanks so much!
Kelly S., HR Assistant

Good evening, I want to thank you for all of your help. The resume looks great. Please let him know that he was right and I am glad I went with you guys!. Sincerely,
Thomas L., Inside Sales Manager

thank you so much I love the resume. Hope to get the job I always wanted. And I will recommend you guys to all my friends. thanks a million.
Lana N., Social Worker

I just wanted to thank you for doing an beautiful job on my resume. Best regards,
Paul G., HR Manager / Generalist

Thank you for taking the time out to explain that to me. I completely understand now. With that being said I think my resume looks and sounds amazing! Thanks so much for your help.
Tasha B., Registered Nurse

Thank You!!!! You have done an amazing job with my resume package!!!
Vic S., Project Manager

Because of you, I have 2 !!! huge interviews in the next week. Just can't thank you enough!! I put a link to on my fb page.
Brent F., Sr. Account Manager

I am so thankful for how you have constructed my resume.
Janet M., Medical Technician

Thank you, I love it... now just hoping it gets me hired!
Mark T., Director of Sales

Please see attached my resume. You just updated my husband's resume and I was so impressed with the job you did I thought I should get mine updated. I am not currently actively looking for employment but just thought it would be nice to get my resume updated.
Timothy P., Operations Manager

Thanks for the resume it looks great. Thanks for your help. I will be recommending your service to those who need it. Thanks Again. Have a Great Day!
Margaret P., Retail Manager

This past January I had submitted my payment/request for the Resume Writing Service, and you were assigned my resume to re-write and I would just like to say thank you so much. I have had so many job offers and have been told by more than one employer how they are impressed with my resume. I greatly appreciate your services/writing talent and will highly recommend your services to friends/family and co-workers. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!!
Barbara R., Administrative Assistant

I have to hand it to you my resume looks AWESOME! You have played a major role in saving my professional career! I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU for all of your hard work and effort in working to get may resume back to me so that I can make the 11:59pm deadline. Bless you!
Haley F., Social Worker

Hi, thank you so much. they look great!! If i have any questions, I will ask you.
William G., VP of Sales

Thank you very much. Everything looks great!!!! I'm very excited, comfortable, and encouraged to start applying for positions. Next day... THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I HAVE TWO INTERVIEWS ALREADY!!!!
Johnny K., Transport / Logistics Manager

Thank you so much it looks great!! I can't wait to submit it to the employers!
Christina C., Teacher

I'm very pleased - thank you very much! I also appreciate the commentary in the lengthy email you wrote. Thanks for your help telling my story.
Darius T., OEM Program Manager

I will use your company again in a heartbeat. In fact may be sending you my other sons resume to update also. His is a little harder as all he has ever done is temp jobs. Trying to get on at the Copper Mine here in Tucson.
Kevin M., Industrial Mechanic

Thank you for taking care of my business with my resume I received all my documents and as far as I can tell they look wonderful. Take care and have a Great Day!!!!
Sara K., Dental Hygienist

Process Complete. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Your work is fantastic. I have already referred you to a couple of my friends. Thank you again and have a great day. Sincerely,
Kristen T., Advertising Rep

I appreciate your feedback. I will certainly use your services in the future and will recommend my co-workers and peers to contact you too. Thank you so much for your professional advice. Greatly appreciated,
Cora K., Telemetry Nurse

Woweee this nice! So clean, sharp, well written, can't thank you enough. Sorry, I gave you the wrong ph. if you can change it to --- that would be oustanding. Once again, thanks for your hard work. This is aspectacular document.
Margaret K., Dispatcher

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!
Jovan V., Sr. Sales Manager

I have reviewed the resume you created for me & I can say with-out doubt; it's right on the spot for what my needs are. I don't think there is anything that needs to be added or edited. Thank you once again for you hard work. p.s. - I will let you know as soon as I land my need job with the help of your services. Sincerely,
Peter C., VP of Engineering

Wasn't sure what to expect based on the price but you've totally exceeded my expectations. All of the information you made is right on target and accurate. Sorry I didn't give you more to work with but I'm sort of glad I didn't. haha. Tell the resumestrong team nice job for me!
Jack L., Digital Marketing Specialist

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! I could not be more please. Bless you.
Harry L., Art Teacher

This looks great!!! Thank you for your help....yes it looks great!!
Boris K., Account Manager

Perfect, no changes. Thank you!
Tim K., Automotive Sales Manager

I think it looks great! Thank you so much!
Patricia P., Waiter / Hostess

Thank you for my resume, cover letter, and thank you letter. I guess I have never actually seen a professional resume so I am a bit overwhelmed with it. I love the cover and thank you letter. I will be submitting this to a few companies I have been interested in and I really hope this is just the help I needed. Thank you again.
Ann C., Operations Manager

Thank you! I got the resume. It looks great, so much better! I appreciate your help on it.
Edward P., inside Sales / Account Manager

Hi, I just looked over everything and it all looks great. Thanks to you and your writing team for all the help and fast completion of my resume. Thanks again,
George G., Car Mechanic

Hello, You did a wonderful job on my resume. I feel a little silly when I look at my old resume. Oh well! Better late than never. Thank you!
Catherine C., Stylist

Thank you, you did a great job.
Celia A., National Account Manager

I really liked the resume that you revised for me. It looks great.
Carl O., F&B Manager

You did such a wonderful job on my boyfriend's resume. I had to let you do mine as well.
Tom L., Sales and Marketing Manager

Thank you very much, you did a great job.
Xavier M., Senior System Administrator

Thank you very much for the upgraded resume, which looks excellent. Resume looks really good. Thank you soooo much.
Gene K., Director of HR

Hi, Thank you so much for this. What a relief. This looks fantastic. Hope this gets me a better job! regards,
V.V., Child Advocate

Excellent job ResumeStrong!! I love your service!! I like the focus taken off of the computer support so I don't seem so over qualified for a receptionist job now!!! Thank you very much!!
Lilly M., Admin Assistant

I really didn't think my resume could be improved that much. I'm really glad I decided to do this. Thanks.
Bob M., Retail Sales Associate

This looks AMAZING! Your team is truly professional and I could have NEVER done this on my own. Thank You!
Ricardo B., Customer Service Manager

I love it. I PROMISE to recommend ResumeStrong every chance that I get. I am so impressed and appreciative. I wish the best to all of you....I'll let you know how it goes on the job search. Thank You for doing this insurmountable task for me.
Nate B., HSE Manager

Wow you make me sound great! I love it!
Sophia T., Office / Facility Manager

Thank you for all of this great info. You came highly recommended by a family member who used your services previously and I can see why. This looks amazing! Thanks again,
Michelle C., Business Analyst / PM

The resume looks amazing!!!! Makes me sound like I am made of steel, I love it! This rocks!! Let do this!! Looks great I am pleased go ahead and finalize thanks so much.
George O., General Manager / VP

Wow!! Looks great thanks for all your help! Have a wonderful day!
Dora J., Outreach Coordinator

Thank you, it looks and sounds outstanding! I wish I found ResumeStrong many months ago. Huge improvement in every regard and I didn't give you much to work with.
Gerald W., Flight Attendant

It looks amazing. I love it. Please proceed. Thank you again.
Lisa T., Customer Service Representative

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