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Resume Delivery

Resumes are sent by email no later than the end of the following day (midnight / 12am) after we have received all of the information required to complete the resume, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

Receiving Information

All information required to complete the new resume must be received before 3pm, M-F, or it will be considered received the next business day. We will acknowledge receipt of the information after reviewing it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed or we will gladly rewrite your resume for free. We do not refund resume service payments due to the hours required to write and construct a professional resume.

Resume File Formats

Depending on the resume package chosen resume formats may include a Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII Text file. Cover letters and interview follow up letters are only sent in Microsoft Word file formats.

Receiving Information II

When a customer provides the information needed to complete the resume after 24 hours (Sunday through Saturday) from the initial purchase date and time, the resume will be due back within 72 hours.

Information Gathering

We need to know the types of positions you are seeking and other basic information that can be obtained from current/past resumes, questionnaire, etc. We do not gather all information verbally.

Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

ResumeStrong reserves the right to decline resume writing projects and cancel an order prior to delivery of services without liability.

We do not prepare resumes in the following situations

A refund will be processed immediately minus a credit card processing fee we are charged for refunds.

ResumeStrong is an advice and resume preparation service. We provide direct advice on a very important topic which impacts a person's career, finances, and livelihood. As trained, certified, and highly experienced experts in job searching, resume writing, human resources, corporate recruiting, headhunting, and job search and career coaching we give advice whether someone wants the advice, understands it, or believes what we are telling them. If you do not like to receive straightforward constructive advice/feedback, prone to the opinions and advice from friends, family, co-workers, and Internet experts, or you believe you already know the best way to write and package a professional resume our service is probably not a good match.

The completed resume will be delivered by email in the form of a Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII Text file for the Platinum package. If a cover letter and thank you letter is involved, these documents will be delivered in the form of an editable Microsoft Word document.

We do not accept faxes, hard copies, paper, images, pictures, JPEGs, gifs, picture/image scans, or similar file formats.

If incorrect or incomplete information is provided it can take up to seven days to make changes to a resume.

We do not gather information verbally. It does not work well and leads to inaccuracies. Information needed to complete the resume, that is not part of a current or past resume, needs to be typed and sent by email or uploaded through our website. We are experts in every job function, career, business, and industry so we just need basic employment details and any training and education.

Applying for jobs with a resume over two pages in length is not advisable for several reasons. We will not prepare a resume longer than two pages. We will advise you on how to package your resume and work history appropriately based accepted resume/HR standards. These standards are based around employers and how HR/staffing people, corporate recruiters, and hiring managers assess resumes, evaluate candidates, and make interview decisions.

When viewing Microsoft Word and other file formats using cellular, tablet, and other mobile device, Apple/Mac products, and Microsoft Works there may appear to be spacing, margin, and formatting issues. This is rare and solely a result of the software or device. All documents are formatted based on accepted resume document formatting standards and will print correctly based on normal/standard printer settings.

Once the resume has begun to be written, which is immediately after we have obtained the information required to complete the resume, no refunds will be issued. In 77,000 plus resumes prepared we have never once been asked for a refund after a resume is completed. If your intention is to try and pull a scam against our company we suggest you do not attemp it. If you change your mind regarding having a resume prepared we are not able to process a refund through our credit card processing company after 180 days.

If no resume changes or additions are received within 14 days after emailing a completed resume and cover letter to a customer the resume is considered accepted and the resume service completed. We retain resume documents for 60 days. Resumes we prepare are exceptionally well written and formatted documents.

ResumeStrong meets with customers in dozens of locations nationwide. An additional fee applies when meeting directly with customers and will be in addition to the prices shown on this site. No resume offers or coupons will be redeemable. The in-person fee starts at $350 and is based on location. All ResumeStrong associates are experts in every facet of hiring, HR and staffing, corporate recruiting, and professional resume writing. We will understand your new job and career goals. There is no additional benefit to meeting in person and it is not how resume writing has been done for many years.

Our privacy policy may change from time to time to reflect new or improved site functionality or changing customer requirements. We will notify you of all such changes by updating these pages on our website.

The return on investment of having ResumeStrong prepare your resume is incalculable.

We reward you for taking action.